Traveling Platforms/Fall Protection

Design Flexibility - At Osborn we offer the industry the broadest capability in
platform and drive system can choose from standard
units or we can engineer a custom package to handle your specific needs.




Industry Leader

Osborn is the leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of loading and inspection platforms for tank trucks and tank cars.

When it comes to shipping we understand that time and safety means money.  When it comes to loading and inspection, excellence is judged in hours and minutes and in safe accurate loading conditions.

No matter how large or small the loading and inspection facility, Osborn can provide a platform solution for maximum efficiency including corrosive and hazardous environments.

At Osborn we offer the broadest capability in platform and drive system technology... you can choose from standard units or we can engineer a custom package to handle your specific needs.

Safety First

The floor grating incorporates a hinged design that can be opened to expose tank domes for safer and easier access.  This unique feature allows multiple compartment tanks to be loaded and inspected without time consuming repositioning of the tank vehicle.

The hinged rowsare normally on 48 inch centers and made of corrosion resistant fiberglass for minimum deflection and weight reduction.  The hinged grate section can run the entire length of the traveling platform providing access at any given point along the vehicle below. 
Fixed grating is installed alongside of the hinged row and can be provided in a wide range of materials depending on the application and environmental conditions.

Osborn traveling platforms are normally provided with fixed grating sections at the boarding side and quipped with a boarding extension to minimize the open area between the platform and access walkway.  A vertical boarding ladder is attached beneath the extension.

For railroad tank car applications the dome access area can remain open or it can be equipped with a sliding platform extension.  This option permits adjustment to all tank car configurations for ease of access. 

Environmental Shelters

The traveling platform units can be equipped with roofs, partially or totally enclosed structures, to protect personnel, equipment and the integrity of the transported product from exposure to harsh weather and environmental conditions.  Enclosures can be fabricated from standard gauge metal skin or translucent lightweight woven fiberglass.  Heavier corrugated "PVC" and "composite materials" are also available.

Precision Control

Operator's control console is located to allow the operator to visually position the traveling platform with the top of the tank vehicle.  Control consoles are complete with a large mushroom "off-on" button for emergency stops.

In addition to "raise", "lower" and "run" controls the console has an automatic raise feature that will reposition the traveling platform to the upper most limit.  This eliminates potential accidents by ensuring there is no platform obstruction to vehicles entering the loading bay.  Several control variations and panel enclosures are available for hazardous and/or explosive environments.

Options and Accessories

Explosion-Proof and spark resistant features
Special Coatings, including galvanizing
Access stairways, ladders and walkways
Centralized lubrication system
Full Material handling capabilities
Turn key installation
Custom sizing and retrofits
Field erection and supervision